Old Basque House – Vieja Casa Vasca


« A central concept in Basque identity is belonging, not only to the Basque people but to a house, known in the Basque language as etxea. (…) »

Even today, some Basques recall their origins by introducing themselves to a compatriot from the same region not by their family name, by the name of their house, a building which may have vanished centuries ago. The founders may have vanished, the family name may disappear, but the name of the house endures. ‘But the house of my father will endure,’ wrote the twentieth-century poet Gabriel Aresti.«

Mark Kurlansky, The Basque History of the World

POETRY IN TRANSLATION (LXXXIV): Gabriel ARESTI (1933-1975) BASQUE Country – “Casa Stramoseasca” (My Father’s House)


Baserri House



LA CASA DE MI PADRE de Gabriel Aresti , 1963


la casa de mi padre.

Contra los lobos,

contra la sequía,

contra la usura,

contra la justicia,


la casa

de mi padre.


los ganados,

los huertos,

los pinares;


los intereses,

las rentas,

los dividendos,

pero defenderé la casa de mi padre.

Me quitarán las armas

y con las manos defenderé

la casa de mi padre;

me cortarán las manos

y con los brazos defenderé

la casa de mi padre;

me dejarán

sin brazos,

sin hombros

y sin pechos,

y con el alma defenderé

la casa de mi padre.

Me moriré,

se perderá mi alma,

se perderá mi prole,

pero la casa de mi padre


en pie.

La Casa en Bizkaia

JAI-ALAI : The fastest sport in the world is Basque (ENGLISH VERSION)


Jai alai is a sport involving a ball bounced off a walled space by accelerating it to high speeds with a hand-held device (cesta).

It is a variation of Basque pelota.

The term, coined by Serafin Baroja in 1875, is also often loosely applied to the fronton (the open-walled playing area) where the sport is played. The game is called « zesta-punta » (basket tip) in Basque.


(Vintage basket tips)


The Basque Government promotes jai alai as « the fastest sport in the world » because of the ball speed.

The sport once held the world record for ball speed with a 125–140 g ball covered with goatskin that traveled at 302 km/h (188 mph), performed by José Ramón Areitio at the Newport Jai Alai, Rhode Island, until it was broken by Canadian 5-time long drive champion Jason Zuback on a 2007 episode of Sport Science with a golf ball speed of 328 km/h (204 mph).

Source : Wikipedia



Video produced in 1988 by Marty Fleischman for World Jai-Alai~~Watch the world’s fastest ballgame,see the beauty of the game,along with the grace,danger and excitement of the crowd.


How to play Jai-Alai


Jai-Alai USA



Jai-Alai Books 

In Florida, Jai-Alai inspired in 2014 the foundation of Jai-Alai Books.

The creators tell that the sport is very tied to Miami’s history.


Carnavals – Carnavales – Carnivals

The Masquerade of Musculdy, Zuberoa, Basque Country, France

Mascarada de Musculdy Musculdy , Zuberoa . Javier Hernandez/ LURRAK

Carnavals basques: un feu d’artifice de belles traditions


Basque Masquerade Carnivals


Carnavales en la cultura vasca