Espelette Veal Axoa recipe


The veal Axoa is a typical Basque recipe- “Axoa”, pronounced “a-t-sho-a”, the “X” becomes an “sh” orally.

Also called Espelette Axoa, it is a traditional recipe from the southwest of France which used to be served on fair or market days.

This dish can be prepared in advance, it is very good reheated!

You will enjoy it with baked or boiled potatoes, rice and a robust wine from the same region such as the Irouléguy AOC.

– Ingredients for the recipe

800g to 1kg veal (for stew or shoulder) cut into small pieces with a knife (This is preferred over ground veal, although you could use ground veal – just so long as it isn’t ground too finely).

8-10 long mild green pepper (not spicy)

3 red peppers or paprika

a little powder of veal broth in a glass of water (optional, only water is fine)

1 chopped onion

2 or 3 minced garlic heads

preferably olive oil, Espelette pepper powder, thyme, 1 bay leaf (the last 2 optional), salt

– Preparation of the Axoa

Crack the green peppers in the lengthwise, remove the seeds and cut into small pieces
Cut the red peppers into small pieces
In a skillet, heat the oil over medium heat, then put the onion and garlic. Add the peppers.
Just let wilt, then add the meat. Stir on high fire, so that the meat’s color turns (it is no longer pink).
Add a pinch of Espelette pepper powder and a little salt if you use veal broth already salted.
Cover, reduce heat if necessary and stew about 40 minutes, adding water with a little veal powder to cover ingredients completely without drowning.


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